Weekend or Weekday, no rush to go through the efforts of getting dressed and traveling a long way to your favorite food place. Just open an app on your phone, scroll through many options, and click confirm. How convenient is that? Technology absolutely has found its way.

UI/UX plays a significant and crucial role when it comes to an app being preferred by the audience. How much do you agree with it? After all, it is the user’s experience that is the ultimate purpose of any service-providing business. If we talk about Indian food delivering apps I am certain the first two labels significantly after this lockdown that come into your mind will be Zomato and Swiggy.

Design can be a key to user approval, custody. Design is sacrosanct and can shape product maybe even add to the bottom-line. Alterations in the design are a strategic element. The great thing about both these companies is that there have been a lot of modifications in their user interface. They always continue experimenting with new designs and have improved the whole experience of ordering food; they focus on research and analysis to enhance the customer experience.


Zomato and Swiggy’s design have their share of strengths and limitations. Their user-centered intention has made these two most popular and preferred food delivery apps.
Here is a comparative study of their user interface and user experience. Let’s dive into the review.

· Onboarding the app Zomato is quite interesting, the design seems to have fixed this to an extent — Think food, think Zomato — Tells users the app is about food and since there’s a lot of services in there, it’s holistic and works. Whereas, Swiggy’s design is in neutral colors with a Live for food preach. Therefore, Zomato has more eye-catching and engaging logging in than Swiggy.

· Swiggy has its method on its home discovery page to let its users know about all they provide. It includes offers, grocery store services, top picks, and in the spotlight. But the most amazing feature is its classification of health styles. It contains a health hub, fresh meat and seafood, pet care stores, and gourmet organic. On the other hand, Zomato has quite an off landing page. It has basics as dish names, offers, and restaurant designations. To conclude, Swiggy wins the points for having an improved home page.

· Search what you want, A feature that is the soul for a food delivering app. As much as we love to explore, the past suggestions according to order history are a big time saver. Not in a mood to search for new, try your favorites. Isn’t it flattering? Swiggy has made it a convenient experience for its users with popular items, popular cuisines, and popular brands. While, Zomato offers recently searched, trending near you, and recommended for you. Hence, for a personalized experience, the point goes to Swiggy.

· Time to order? The overview of the ordering menu in both apps is quite similar and basic. They involve reviews, ratings, offers, bestsellers, recommendations, and delivery time. They adequately give information about the cuisines. But the go out feature for Zomato is a plus element. On the order homepage, you can click on more information and it takes you to the restaurant overview which has all the details about reviews, ratings, best dishes, and whatnot. Thus, Zomato has an advantage for the order menu.

· One-click payment without adding all the details is comforting, right? Zomato remembers the last used option and uses it as a default option unless changed by the user; this does reduce the time in placing an order. Swiggy doesn’t do that and it directly provides you with a list of payment options to choose from. Before finalizing the order, Zomato also provides suggestions to add to the bill based on popular add-ons. Therefore, all points for easy paying to Zomato.


Zomato and Swiggy are indeed best sellers for food delivery. They have a unique design and user flow. Zomato has its benefits and Swiggy has its own. It all is subject to how these apps are approaching customers and their behavior. What do you think? What makes you want to order from one restaurant over the other? Whose UI/UX speaks to you? It’s your call to decide whether “Think Zomato” or “Swiggy it”.

CreateBytes is a design and development studio that creates intelligent Web and App Design fusioned with Art and Simplicity..

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